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Thinking Before You Buy Things You "Want"

Can you remember a time when you wanted something so much that you felt you absolutely had to have it as soon as possible? I have experienced this feeling many times, and I was inspired to write this blog post by one of these urges I had not very long ago.

My Story

One day, I was looking online (with permission) :) for some sort of box or tote to store my art supplies in, and I found a really cool art backpack with lots of room for storing supplies. Then I got the "wanting fever". I desperately wanted that backpack, and considered using money from my savings to buy it. But the next day, I really wasn't that eager to buy it anymore. Although I couldn't have bought it before I lost the urge that time, I definitely could have if I had had the money and had seen it in a store. In the often hurried atmosphere of a shop, it is easy to buy things we don't really want or need. I might buy that backpack someday, but I'll think a bit more about it first.

a boy picking up a toy in a toy shop

What We Can Learn

The lesson of my story is that if you think you are craving something, wait a few days and ask your parents' advice, and then see if you still want it. Always remember to think before you buy things you "want". Note: This doesn't usually apply to things you need-just make sure you really need them. I hope that this story was helpful to you! For more information about thinking before you buy, see the November 2022 edition of Grow Kids Christian Magazine on thrift.



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